Tenant arrears are monitored on a daily basis.  Rental arrears of 2 days and up to 7 days are contacted by phone or SMS to follow up on their payment.  If rental arrears are not paid by the 14th day, the tenant will be issued with a Notice of Termination to remedy the breach within 7 days. Owners are kept up to date throughout this process and it is our aim to move quickly to minimise the loss to the  Landlord.
Provided your property is individually metered, you can pass on the water usage and supply charges to your tenants.  You may choose to do this in an existing tenancy in lieu of a rent increase.  Statutory charges such as sewerage rates cannot be passed on to your tenant. Once the account has been received by our office and paid from your rental monies, we then generate an invoice to the tenant for the required amount.  The tenant is required to pay this invoice by the due date and monies will be forwarded on to you in the next disbursement.
Absolutely – we are happy to do this using our qualified tradespeople (or any tradespeople you request).
Landlord’s Insurance is not compulsory for your investment property, however we do recommend it. Landlord’s Insurance protects your investment agains loss of rent, tenant’s vacating unexpectedly and before their lease expiry, malicious damage and some contents (curtains/blinds, floor coverings).
We conduct quarterly inspections of all of our rental properties to ensure Tenants are looking after your investment. Once the inspection has taken place, you will be provided with a comprehensive report, including photos and any concerns or maintenance.